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The Ponseti Suite - Chelsea & Westminster Hospital


Maddy was approached by CW+ Charity to work with them on designing some ceiling light boxes for their Ponseti Suites. 
The Ponseti Method is a technique developed to treat children with Club Foot, and is used to straighten the foot using manipulation and stretching.
These rooms in the Ponseti Suite are used to treat patients as young as a few weeks old up until age seven or eight, so the designs needed to be bright & bold.


Maddy's concept is based around the journey of progression experienced by the patients as they visit the ward at each stage of the treatment.

The illustrations represent the stages of growth, stretching and improvement in a subtle way that can work on many levels.

The artwork is designed to distract the patients and help them to relax whilst the clinician is tending to them. It gives a point of conversation for staff and parents alike to ask the children questions and talk about the images.

Maddy took inspiration from the shapes of the foot muscles and the way in which they meet with the bones - to create the shapes in the illustrations. The stages of colour represent the stages of treatment and progression the child makes after each treatment.

Using bright colours and bold shapes engages an age range of patients on different levels - infants will be drawn to the geometric patterns, and the older children will see the finer details and photography within the images.

The Illustration subject is sensitive to patients, but has deeper meaning to the donors of the Ponseti Suite Art project. The overall final image looks like a vibrant flower, symbolising growth and development.


Detail from the collage in progress
The light boxes installed in each treatment room